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Michiko Takatani

Why Learn with Michiko?

Michiko’s teachings are incredibly dynamic, yet subtle. They are designed to increase awareness to live in its fullness and raise Kundalini energy to bring back the vital force. Michiko will guide you through Yoga, meditation, visualization, body movements, breath work, Chakra work and healing to tune the body and allow it to flow naturally. Michiko has designed the classes to fit beginners as well as those who have practiced Tantra before. Each class/course is different and Michiko can scan the energy of student’s body and mind to personalize it.


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About the founder Michiko Takatani

Michiko is a Japanese native born in Hiroshima and raised in Kobe. As a teen she traveled to Boston for musical school to learn composition and Hatha yoga. Curious about the human body and mind, she left to New York City shortly after to study other types of Yoga, Tantra, Arts, International sexualities and work at a Geisha Bar of her own culture. After years of studying, Michiko felt that she needed to take the path of enlightenment. She traveled to study under 13 different non-duality teachers and more Tantra under Osho’s lineage. One of the interesting incident she had was, without knowing Maa Kali as the main Tantra goddess, she was lead to visit Dakshineswar Kali Temple by airline disability and strong forces of locals. She took this event as her destiny.

After exploring unconventional paths of spirituality, she settled back to New York in 2004 to train as a certified teacher under Kundalini Yoga. Michiko integrated free spirit with the pure alignment and grounding in Kundalini yoga and began teaching Neo Tantra professionally. It’s the combination of Kundalini Yoga and Neo Tantra that has inspired this unique practice in learning how to deeply connect with self then others, heal through sexual energy and be “Here and Now”.

For the past 17 years Michiko has taught students with many varieties of professions, from top athletes, writers, artists, CEO and war experienced veterans, etc. She traveled across the world as a spiritual healer, teaching Neo Tantra in Japan, Paris, Miami, and Sedona. The students visited her studio in New York have been from varieties of countries and cities as well, London, HongKong, São Paulo, Berlin, Moscow, New Deli, Sydney, Cairo, Sofia(Bulgaria), Nur-Sultan(Kazakhstan), Jakarta(Indonesia), etc, almost every corner of the world!

After crafting her methods, she mastered to activate Kundalini in just one lesson for more than half of students. She decided to teach others to master those methods for more people to have this Kundalini experience and awareness. Now she is focusing on spreading her knowledge remotely throughout the whole world and making the information available at any time.

Michiko Takatani