Solar Tantra School


This is a 90 day program designed to anchor a connection with the “Here and Now” through the awareness of one’s five senses with a two-method approach; observation ability training with meditation along with the clearing of existing patterns and blockages using Yoga techniques.


By simply increasing awareness of the five senses, through a meditative state,  it is possible to feel the purification of desire (passion) and to connect with the sixth sense (intuition). The purification of desire along with the reconnection to intuition will guide oneself to crystallize Auric bodies and Love energy.

*Twelve videos.
*Ten individual lessons.
*Reading assignments and quizzes.
*Homework video requirements.
*Spiritual and Psychological support provided via written communication between each lesson.


***The length and scheduling of lessons can be adjusted to a participant’s personal schedule. We strongly recommend lessons be spaced one week apart and no longer than two weeks apart. Within this set up the course will take between two and four months to complete.

The Course Fee
$2450 (In-person in New York)
10 individual lessons, 12 Solar Tantra Videos, 4 Books
and 5 Workshops

$1450 (online)
10 individual lessons, 12 Solar Tantra Videos and 4 Books


If you are simply interested in taking one lesson or a short course, please check Course Overview.


The Lesson Fee


In-Person: $290~$360

Online: $130~$210




The Short Course Fee


3 Lesson Course

In-Person: $750~$900