Grail Training


Ultimate Relaxation and Expansion
Practices for Sexual Frigidity
Cleansing and Exercise of Yoni (vagina)


In Kundalini Yoga it is often said that for women it can take longer to clear energy prints of former sexual partners. It is said it takes one full moon cycle for men and six years or longer for women. Women’s instruments are inward like cups and men’s are out-word like utensils. Just this difference in shape can explain so much about this difference in energy.


There are Yoga practices to cleanse energy of past sexual partners. This can be good for a current partner to practise too as we are evolving faster than ever now.


The rate of sexual assault and/or harassment for women is 81%. Four out of five women are victims of sexual violence. This makes it harder to relax in intimate sexual situations. Relaxation is the key for expansion and essential to access to the meditative state which is important for Tantra and in fact for Tantric orgasm also.


Because of this high rate of assault, this course’s approach, both psychologically and physically, is unique. Some psychological approaches are taken from Tantric philosophy and affirmations linked with anatomy.

Cleansing of Yoni (vagina) introduces many ways of healing from Mayan and Korean herb wisdom for Yoni, to use of certain stones for both external and internal uses. Along with the healing, we will combine Yoga for relaxing and strengthening Yoni (building of the PC muscles) as well as Yoga for regulating menstrual cycle and lessen pains.


*3 Lessons Course or 6 Lessons Course (option of taking one lesson as an introduction)
*Yoga and Breathing techniques
*Energy Healing
*Learning various methods to cleanse Yoni
*Tantric Rituals
*Homework video requirements
*Spiritual and Psychological support is provided via written communication between each lesson

The Lesson Fee




3 Lessons Course: $750~$900

6 Lessons Course: $1300~$1600




3 Lesson Course: $540

6 Lesson Course: $900





$210 (Online)