Art and Heart of Geisha Course


Geisha is the profession and art of accompaniment.
Is there room for the heart in this “Business”?


In traditional Japanese society, all professions have specific roles. For example, when building a house, all decisions are made by the architect. By contemplating how you are living your life the most suitable structures and functions can be identified.


The word “Omakase” (meaning entrust) has recently become popular in Sushi dining. This modern use of “Omakase” still shares similarities with the way it was used by old-school, traditional Sushi chefs. Essentially, the chefs chose the fish for the client, not only by what was requested, but by studying a client’s health condition that day as well as their wallet’s.

The classic Geisha culture maintains this tradition in contrast to the modern clubs/bar culture where keeping company gets lost in the current transactional standard of business for profit. One professor describes the art as, “When I’m accompanied by a Geisha, I always go home with the same good, comfortable degree of being drunk. I started observing why it’s always the same. I noticed when I’m not in good health, they [will] sometimes lie, that they ran out of Sake. They are indeed insisting on their profession of ensuring customers have a good time (not the profession of increasing profits by selling more Sake)”.


When we focus only on profit, we dehumanize people. This tendency of commodification has also invaded our private, non-business and personal relationships.


The “Big Mother” (owner) of a Geisha house sends all new Geishas to their debut parties with the message “Don’t forget the most important thing is the heart”. Though it may be surprising to many we can reconnect to the “heart” through this accompaniment “Business” profession.


Two hours class to learn the philosophy of Geisha and positive, constructive ways to carry conversations. Also spiritual practices to support those will be given. The later hour, while learning their body gestures, enjoy the traditional Geisha game.

The Class Fee


In-Person(2 hours)



Online(2 hours)