Kundalini Yoga & Neo-Tantra


The principal concept is the same as that of the Solar Tantra School.


It is possible to take one lesson or as many as you want. It is also possible to transfer credits to the Solar Tantra School course later.


All Yoga aims to raise Kundalini energy, particularly Kundalini yoga which focuses directly on raising your energy. This method is especially suitable to the fast paced, ever changing environments we now find ourselves living in.


When people first hear about Tantra, most conflate it to sexual therapy with spiritual undertones, which in fact is different to its traditional meaning as a path of Enlightenment. By using the techniques learned from Kundalini Yoga training, it is possible to get closer to the traditional meaning and you can also have the benefits of Neo Tantra which includes psychological techniques and direct work on existing traumas.


It is also worth noting for those who are interested in Tantric Orgasm, that the Kundalini channel must first be opened. This requires healing and clearing of existing blockages and must be done through a spiritual route. There are some who can have the experience naturally, mainly those who have kept Kundalini channels open since childhood. Another interesting point is that these individuals are often very sensitive and can experience difficulty relaxing and communicating with others. They can raise Kundalini alone but find it more challenging during sexual experiences with a partner. In such instances a psychological approach is needed.


*The Kundalini Yoga & Neo Tantra lesson is 2 hours.
*Consultation and Conversational Therapy
*Kundalini Yoga Exercises
*Neo Tantra Exercises
*Psychological Exercises
*Tantric Rituals
*Energy Healing

The Lesson Fee


In-Person (3 hours)

Individual: $290 ~ $360

Couples: $390 ~ $450


Online (1 hour ~ 2 hours)

Individual: $130 ~ $210

Couples: $190 ~ $280