First of all, I love her energy. Very kind, very spiritual, mystical but also grounded and in her body -- and helps you get into hers. I love the meditations we do, I feel very comfortable sharing my life story with her -- she is very supportive and also flexible and kind. I absolutely love the exercises she gives me. They have not only put me in better fitness shape but also reconnect my mind to my body -- I've been so cut off from my body and in my mind for so long. It's amazing how she was able to help me integrate back into the body more and more. I'm learning the wisdom of my body and integrating the energies from different chakras into my spiritual and emotional life. I feel happier than ever. She is also a very ethical, kind person that is not just trying to make money. She really loves this, loves to teach and that is why she is so good at it. She is a spiritual guide AND a body fitness coach all in one. Love Michiko, I recommend her highly!

Roman S.

I know Michiko for long time. She has been very sincere and dedicated for teaching tantra. Also she is very thoughtful, kind and cheerful. I highly recommend if you are interested in the real tantra. Her course is definitely beneficial for everyone.

Ran S.


I highly recommend Michiko! She is able to support people at all stages, no matter how new they may be to tantra. She is able to create an atmosphere in which it is easy to feel comfortable, and therefore to open fully. She has many years of experience and therefore, is very knowledgeable. She also has a wonderful balance of being deeply spiritual while also, simultaneously, being quite grounded and open. I highly recommend her!!


I am so grateful I discovered Michiko. What she provides is like taking a short trip to a sacred place filled with wonder and mystery.
I have done both individual lesson and couples lesson with my wife, and we are in a much better place in our marital affairs having used the tools she's given us.
Its no cure all but it certainly gave us a different outlook toward ourselves and each other.
We will continue to sign on for more lesson when we can.

Robert Rivera

Michiko's levels of embodiment, creativity and commitment are very high. She has a deep investment in every student's development. Like any good teacher, she engages rather than explaining, offering a direct experience of kundalini movement.

Alandra M

The most sincere and heart-felt “Thank you”. I am impressed for your gentle and kind attention to me, all with support, guidance and precious life lessons. My body and mental is already starting to feel stronger and changing. Thank you ever so much!

Fred P.

Wow. A very interesting and sensual (but not sexual) experience. It is extremely rare to have an experience that moves one’s perception of the world and time. Michiko is enigmatic, extremely engaging, wise and charismatic. I can’t intellectually comprehend what this is all about but emotionally it was a great experience. Check this experience out.

Jeffrey W.

Her work comes from lots of experience and knowledge. When I need healing for my mind and body I take her lesson. I feel and learn something new and very positive every time!


I know Michiko for long time. She has been very sincere and dedicated for teaching tantra. Also she is very thoughtful, kind and cheerful. I highly recommend if you are interested in the real tantra. Her course is definitely beneficial for everyone.



If you want to give a lesson to your partner, book a lesson with Michiko for them. I had an awesome experience: it was a relaxing, gently guided class in tantric yoga with exercises, which helped me a lot to connect to my better self. Michiko is a true visionary in what she does. She'll meet you exactly where you are and will be the loveliest, kindest and the most caring tantric guide so that you may leave the lesson full of joy, happiness, deeper understanding of your loved ones and yourself. Be ready to get lots of tantric exercises for your homework. Thank you, Michiko, the bright star of the Universe. You rock.


I had a very expansive experience during my lesson. Michiko is great at channeling energy and guiding it up and down through the body. The yoga exercises and introductory meditations pave the way for a liberating spiritual and physical experience. I'm very grateful to Michiko for both her presence and the healing energy she channels.

Diego S.

To be honest, I did not fully know what tantra was however, felt intrigued. Now that I have taken I can give you an honest assessment of the lesson. Michiko taught me how to use sound, breathing, movement, meditation, in order to have more sexual energy, intimacy and pleasure in my life. I learned that Tantra is about a particular lifestyle and Michiko creates a safe and caring atmosphere for you to learn. If you want to relieve stress and have more joy in your life do a lesson.

Howard E.

So blessed to have found Michiko, with so much gratitude for her well before lesson’s end in terms of her unique and positive impact from unplugging energy blockage(s) with her expert navigating, as customized by highly attentive observation and conversation that comes so easy with flow greatly improved immediately, with early wake-up the next morning and plenty of energy in the evening to dust off my bike for a long ride...and her special ways and impact certainly being enhanced by her abundant beauty is an understatement...excellent exercise recommendations she passed along as well and highly recommend her for transformation and an energy spike that's lasting and will continue improving.

Dan H.

Thank you soooo much for all the homework from the lesson, advice, links, etc. I just need to tell you about the sex after last Saturday's session. It was so different! In a good way of course. My husband was surprised, he was like, ``we never had anything like this before, this is for the first time in 9 years of our relationship!`` I didn't have an obvious tantric orgasm, but I kind of felt it. If I had relaxed more, it would've happened I guess. I was very happy anyways. A lot of information, tons of different kinds of exercises, the way you talked to me was very caring, and I also loved when you talked about spiritual stuff! Omg I already miss your lesson so much. I learned a lot from you, I just cannot put everything in here. I'm very happy that I made a decision to learn tantra with you. That was a life changing experience, seriously. You are AMAZING!!! I just wanted to let you know that I feel I'm very lucky to meet you, and how grateful I am to you. Thank you very much!

Misaki N.

A lesson with the good hearted Michiko allows one to heal in a deep and subtle way. This type of deep chakra healing is very important for all of us who live in this very sexualized world, and allows for a healthy understanding of ourselves and our relations with others. A very uplifting experience focused on balancing the male and female energies within us all. I'm realizing over the past two days since my lesson that she really has helped me out on a deep level just when I needed it most. I feel very fortunate to found her.

Rein P, 42

The lesson was amazing! The effects linger even till now. It was a pleasure and I look forward to building from my new foundation. Especially in my upper chest and heart Chakra. Gonna work diligently so that my next class will be amazing.

Hinton W.

I’m very grateful for this instruction. This was simply incredible, I felt reenergized. I already feel more confidence with my wife and I am making progress. It is definitely working and also opening me up.

Bryan B

Couples lessons are absolutely amazing. We have taken 4 times and always feel more relaxed, energized, positive, and deeply connected. We look forward to the experience more and more each time we take.

Todd & Marie

I am speechless. Beyond words. Unable to express my gratitude. Your ability to listen, to care, to dig deep into your experience and insight, and come up with helpful suggestions is so special. I am honored to enter into deep, higher level lessons as a student!! I shall always remember, and write down, the pendulum and not letting it swing too high or low, and the concept that I cannot truly love someone else unless I love myself. Your teachings today are profound, deep, and so helpful and useful!! I cannot thank you enough!! I wish I could return my joy to you, share it, spread it, bask you in the sunshine and happiness.

Robert B, 68

Michiko creates such a safe loving atmosphere for exploration. It was super pleasurable, healing and magical in which to start and learn this practice. Don't be afraid to to do it and explore it. I did, and I feel relieved and more grounded.

Mariana I.

Thank you so much for your loving kindness, wisdom and thoughtfulness. The session was beyond my expectations. During our session I felt so much energy. The methods you showed me made me realize that anything is possible. After the session I had increased confidence, was more relaxed and was ready for the world.



I have been wanting to try tantra for awhile now and couldn't be happier that my introduction was with Michiko! Please do yourself a big favor and try one session. At this moment I am looking forward to my next one and more to come. The price is very reasonable and the follow-up email extremely thorough. Michiko is so personable and gentle and is great at picking up on subtle energies. The lesson flew by. I couldn't be happier!

David R.

This was a remarkable experience. I didn't know what to expect. But Michiko was warm, inviting and has an energy which is gently supportive and powerful. Days after my lesson I am still tingling slightly, my body and my awareness of it are different. It's like the world is a little clearer and my energy is cleaner and more connected. The exercises and stretching, while simple, are challenging. So I found that I was training mind and body at the same time. This gave the added benefit of keeping me in the moment more. While the experience works with sexual energy, it is not sexual in the way we commonly think about it. It's more of an expansion of sexual consciousness, but there is great physical experience and pleasure as part of the process.

Chris D.

Michiko was really awesome! I hardly believed that chakras really existed in our bodies until I met her. I felt so many sensations in the first lesson itself all over my body and specially my arms like I had been connected to a battery running electricity all over them up to fingertips! I am truly grateful to her awakening my enthusiasm in kundalini yoga and tantric practices. Also it is great that she takes time to get to know you and personalize the lessons to get you the most out of it. Every time I take a session with her I leave more relaxed and meditative.

Sasinda R.

The last part of the lesson is kind of difficult to describe, although it's still quite clear in my mind. For me, I had to suspend my disbelief in what I was seeing and experiencing. You may achieve results at this juncture, and you will see things that will undermine your understanding of how the human body works, what it's capable of doing and any previous experiences you may have had. I was astonished and intrigued (in a good way) to bear witness. This is something you'll have to experience for yourself, and you be the judge. And you just may want some of that inner power for yourself too! Michiko is graceful, composed, kind and knowledgeable (and she has a great sense of humor), and during your session you will develop a deep connection with her that may surprise you. A few days after your lesson you will get an email from her with individualized exercises and other homework with the aim of increasing your kundalini and unblocking chakras. You should be diligent and do your homework. At the very least, you'll be more limber and flexible, will do some deep breathing to get the blood flowing, start getting in tune with your body, and for me because of one exercise she recommends, my stomach muscles have become tighter and I might have lost a few pounds. That's at the least.... At the most, who knows? That's up to you. You might be surprised at what we're capable of. I felt like a million bucks with a bounce to my step and deep inner peace, and the high was tangible, real, and sustained.

Louis X.

I have been taking lessons for a couple years now. I am 68, married, and struggle with many of the issues an aging male deals with in long term relationship. She is just terrific help. Not only does she know so much about tantra, yoga, exercises, meditation and how humans work, but she has become a friend and confidant. She listens and sincerely cares, and helps me deal in a positive way with the ups and downs life presents. She gives me exercises and yoga that have helped my body feel less joint pain, helped with my ED, and opened up whose new world of new and exciting orgasms and sexual experiences that are far more pleasurable and beneficial to me and my wife than anything I or we have ever experienced. This new sexual experience has extended far being just physical sex, and improved my relationship in many other ways, bringing us closer and helping us become more understanding and tolerant of each other.

Robert B, 68

What a fantastic and relaxing experience. I had no idea what to expect and kept being in open minded, but Michiko made me feel very comfortable and at ease from the start. Her explanation of every step of the way calmed down my nerves and made the entire lesson flow so nicely. The best way to explain this Tantra experience is a bit of yoga, meditation, stretching, pleasure awareness and a healing. My lesson had a bit of everything and I found myself more sexually open minded during and after we ended. I plan on taking for more lessons as well as inviting my husband along to experience the energy which left me feeling happy, relaxed and more grounded.

Nikola F.

I shared the experience with my girl Sarah. We've found an unbelievable level of interacting together and have fallen in love in the most productive way. It’s been almost unreal how I want to engage and learn and grow with her. Dipping into the world you opened up in my one lesson would be great to experience together. I want to open more and more levels together and seeing as how we turn each other on so easily, this seems like something to possibly explore.

Tim & Sarah

The most sincere and heart-felt “Thank you”. I am impressed for your gentle and kind attention to me, all with support, guidance and precious life lessons. My body and mental is already, I feel like starting to feel stronger and changing. Thank you ever so much!


If you are interested in Tantra, Especially for the first time learner, I highly recommend Michiko. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Tantra and shares her knowledge in a warm and welcoming manner. I’ve gained a wealth of information from her with kind attention, all with support. Everyone would be better off if they could experience time with her.


I studied Kundalini yoga and Neo-Tantra with Michiko for help with my discomfort and fear. She guided me at my own pace to learn to reconnect with myself and my partners. I learned a new way to think about physical intimacy which is centered on spiritual insight and self-reliance. She has years of experience in helping men, women and couples find their own way in this challenging and important area of life. I also consulted for my issues at the same time I was working with her. Her lessons made my talk-counseling lessons much more effective and meaningful. I felt lighter after every lesson, understanding myself better, and hopeful because things were changing for me the way I wanted them to. She is wise, compassionate and generous with her heart and knowledge. I am very happy I asked her for help.

Richard D


As this was a new experience for me I was unsure what to expect but any concerns or nervousness quickly disappeared after connecting Michiko and her warm personality. She led me through her lesson with passion but an explanation for everything and how it would help me improve. Again, this was all brand new to me but I just let myself go and let Michiko take me through the various steps as she worked her magic. Just listen to her instructions and learn something new about yourself. I felt very connected to her as she talked to me and she truly creates a relaxing atmosphere and without any rushed feeling. Without sounding too New Age, I left feeling relaxed yet exhilarated with a better understanding of the body connections.”

Bryan K., 44

She introduced and guided me in Tantra and Kundalini; it was very pleasant connecting with her, and some individual exercises involved focus and effort. I was particularly fond of her acoustical sounds which she created and employed as a catalyst and energy awakening for me. I appreciated the written exercises she provided and enjoyed practicing them daily. I became aware of a more whole body enjoyment of sex, rather than just the pleasure of ejaculation. I am more aware of a spiritual side of my sexuality and how sexuality can be so healing. I am much more open to connecting with a partner at my heart chakra. My Tantra/Kundalini process continues, and I very much look forward future lessons with Michiko. She is uniquely gifted.”

Alan A.

Have been taking regularly for lessons over the last few months. Michiko is extremely knowledgeable and makes it a great experience. The things I’ve learned I’ve put into my daily workout and breathing routines. I highly recommend. I’ve achieved great results.

John S.

Michiko is a fabulous tantra practitioner! Have really benefitted physically, emotionally and spiritually from our sessions together. She is a warm, experienced skillful tantra teacher whose sensitivity and intuition has enabled me to channel my energy more effectively and has given me the comfort and confidence to express and deeply feel at an intimate level. I highly recommend her for anyone who has similar goals.

Michael S.

Wow. A very interesting and sensual (but not sexual) experience. It is extremely rare to have an experience that moves one’s perception of the world. Michiko is enigmatic, extremely engaging, wise and charismatic. I endeavor to become a good student and learn from her. I can’t intellectually comprehend what she is all about but emotionally it was a great experience. Check this experience out…”

Philip V, 58

It’s been a very deep and wonderful experience, not about sex itself but as body opening chakras, breathing and connecting. Great tips to be applied in the future. Thank you Michiko!”

Facundo R, 41

Michiko is simply the best healer. She is professional in every way. She made me feel very comfortable during the lesson from the start to the end. I loved it and I will book another lesson very soon.

Tom T.

Michiko is a true practitioner. She asks all the right questions and is devoted to her craft. I learned many new things about my own body with her help. I will be taking more of her in the future.

Kevin H., 59

I was new to Tantra, so I was a little skeptical. However, I felt so many different sensations in my body the first lesson that I ended up getting the course! My sexual stamina with my partner has gone up as well along with being more present in my body during highly stimulating sexual experiences just after two lessons!!! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore there sexual energy along with a unique experience specifically catered to them. I was given specific stretches and poses for my individual needs to continue growing. I was very satisfied and will be continuing.

Hesham H, 28

It is rare in life to experience pure joy. Joy in celebration of life, love and the existence of the cosmic universe. I am lucky to have the opportunity to experience how life can be. I look forward to continuing the journey. I am enjoying all 5 senses today.

Jay M.