Sun Goddess & New Feminism


Sun Goddess


In animistic spiritual beliefs there used to be many goddesses associated with the sun because the sun nurtures all lives.


Under the patriarchal religious structures such an almighty existence as the sun could not be a female. Therefore the moon became more popular to symbolize women.


Under the spell of this one-sided image (we all can have both aspects for example Japan’s moon god is male) one of the women’s characters has been registered as “lunatic”.


Now is the time for women to re-activate their solar aspect and synchronize with the sun character once again.


Sun Goddess and Moon God of Japan

*We can all be the Sun and recognize the effect of the moon.


New Feminism


The feminism movements of the past and especially during this last century had to have happened in order to bring awareness and respect to women. These movements may have gone too far in emphasizing “Equality” and “Power”.


What would happen if the flute tried to replicate the same sound volume as the trombone? It would probably just hit high pitch notes and forget the range of the airy and heavenly sounds it naturally possesses. It is important to understand the specific timbre and magic of an instrument in order to realize it’s full power.


Sun-Goddess-and-New-Feminism2“Equality” and “Power” should be based more on respecting and embracing difference. Unfortunately in these times it seems to limit or constrict the unique, powerful and good qualities of both women and men.
Sexual activities in Yoga traditionally suggested for women to breath through the left nostril and the right nostril for men. Without a specific Yoga technique, just by focusing on feminine qualities (receptivity, magnetism, etc.), the left nostril can become more dominant. The same way can be used for right nostril coordination by focusing on masculine qualities. When the left nostril is dominant the body temperature cools and for the right side it heats up.


In these times it is not always necessary to have sex/sexual activities as women with feminine and men with masculine energies. For psychically open people gender fluidity is natural for these individuals because they often access past lives (and sometimes even future ones). We certainly should not limit ourselves to any particular ways.


It is important to remember that the functioning of our bodies is similar to that of a musical instrument. Once again, inviting natural feminine for women, natural masculine for men are important before this blunt equalization without contemplating the difference, takes over the bed room.


The class begins with learning the sun goddesses of the world. Yoga exercises to invite more sun energy and Kundalini(to reach the galactic sun). For new feminism, learn energetic female body functions and Yoga to support femininity.

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