Course Overview


All the courses are taught by In-Person in New york and Online. Most corses include directing spiritual energy with Kundalini breathing and Yoga, Healing with voice and singing bowl sounds, The lesson incorporates powerful techniques that open blocks within your Chakras. You will gain more awareness to witness how sexual energy flow and be taught how to control it with techniques. These can lead to activate Kundalini. This expanded consciousness experience and healings of body, mind and soul can bring “True You” and open for more spiritual journeys to come.



27 Years


Solar Tantra Guide Certification

This course provides the certification to be a “Tantra Guide”. It features various Yoga, Meditation, Neo Tantra techniques/rituals, philosophical views of spirituality, basic anatomy, basic massage, food knowledges. and how to interact with different types by energy and trauma. Please contact below for the details.

Solar Tantra Teacher Certification

This course is available after finishing the Guide Certification Course and activating Kundalini. Please contact below for the details.

Kundalini Yoga & Neo-Tantra Lessons

This is possible to take one lesson or as many as you want. The combination of Kundalini Yoga and Neo Tantra can provide the healing of both physical and energetic body to bring healthier sexuality. All those effects can clear the mind to be in more meditative state and activate Kundalini. This is also good for those who are interested in Tantric Orgasm.

Sword Training

In this training you will learn Yoga techniques along with how to circulate sexual energy by breathing.This course is good for the people who want to learn Semen Retention and also very beneficial for the people have PE or ED issues.

Grail Training

The rate of sexual assault and/or harassment for women is 81%. This fact makes many women have difficulties to relax and sexual frigidity. This course's approach, both psychologically and physically, is unique to tackle that high rate effects.

Pattern Clearing

Clearing of mind patterns is in the curriculum for most of the courses offered here. This course attacks the issue head on and can help tackle each pattern one by one. Recurring patterns create physical and energetic blockages and are the base of many problems.

Taoist Sexual Practices

You will learn the basics of Taoist Sexual Energy Circulations which can aid in increasing longevity and development of one’s spirituality. Also Taoist healing techniques such as the sound for each organ are featured.

Egyptian Sexual Alchemy

This course teaches the basics of sexual alchemy that these “masters” also attained and languages of Egyptian spirituality.


* Make you anchor in the present moment
* Breathing & stretching technique for rejuvenation & healing
* Understand where you have physical and mental blocks
* Learn how to control ejaculation
* Pain, headache and stress relief
* Increase blood circulation and detoxification of body
* Deeper and more restful sleep
* Learn how to tune your body for more sensitivity and receptivity
* Increase intimacy
* Manage Performance Anxiety
* Heal Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation
* Learn how to have Tantric Energy Orgasms/Multiple Orgasms


Michiko tunes into your mind, body and spirit to find what your needs are and where you are facing blocks. The overview is a general guideline and often times the each lesson is customized for each student. Contact today to book a course/lesson or learn more.

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