Egyptian Sexual Alchemy


Most ancient cultures had sexual alchemy practices.


It is probable that in ancient times more people had their third eyes opened and could see Aura/Auric body/energy circulations. It is no wonder they were fascinated by this fast and strong energy. Spiritualists of course noticed this energy and integrated it for deeper meditation as did alchemists/magicians.


Ancient Egypt was no exception to this. Some say the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria cultures were preserved in Egypt, India and Tibet. These places were likely focal points for rich sexual alchemy knowledge.

Many channelers/psychics that disclosed that Jesus and Mary Magdalene attended the sexual alchemy school in Egypt. This wisdom was accessible for spiritualists who sought deep and wisely, before the mass sexual suppressions and distortions of our time started.


This course teaches the basic of the sexual alchemy those “masters” also attained and languages of Egyptian spirituality.


Since Egyptian spiritual languages carry unusual frequencies and also had been tinted by unbenevolent people, this course requires that one takes the other classes first (acceptance is not guaranteed and will be assessed on case by case basis)

The Lesson Fee


In-Person (3 hours)

Individual: $290 ~ $360

Couples: $390 ~ $450


Online (2 hours)

Individual: $210

Couples: $280