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Semen Retention
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Practices for PE


This course is concentrated on physical aspects and directly works on Lingam (penis). The main focus is on semen retention and then beginning to get used to increasing the volume of one’s electromagnetic field (Aura/Astral body).


In this training you will learn Yoga techniques along with how to circulate sexual energy by breathing. Yoga will prepare the body to be a fine tuned instrument, so the energy circulates smoother and becomes easier to control.


For example, flexibility of legs is very much related to the control of Lingam functions. Surprisingly, many people who developed increased muscle mass in their legs through sporting activities often have sexual problems. In these cases muscles were gained without enough stretching leading to a loss of flexibility. Such a simple thing is not acknowledged, yet very important. This course will teach you Yoga exercises and other techniques to give your body exactly what it needs.


For those interested in practises relating to ED/PE they generally have to be ready to confront psychological issues.


* 3 Lessons Course or 6 Lessons Course (option of taking one lesson as an introduction)
* Yoga and breathing techniques
* Energy healing
* Homework video requirements
* Spiritual and Psychological support is provided via written communication between each lesson

The Lesson Fee



3 Lessons Course: $750~$900

6 Lessons Course: $1300~$1600



3 Lesson Course: $540

6 Lesson Course: $900




$210 (Online)